Twitter is a popular social networking app with millions of users from different parts of the continent. It is a bit different from other social apps because of the increased chances of networking. You can engage in different types of conversations with people from various parts of the continent. What makes this app stand out is its trending topics feature.

Hashtags are also a common thing on this app. They help direct people to a particular discussion. Most digital marketing companies are using this platform to reach out to millions of people out there when pushing products or services from their clients. Twitter also turns out to be one of the apps where you can get the latest news from your regions and other parts of the world. You can change the settings on your trends section to find out what is happening in various parts of the continent.

There is no need to wait for prime time bulletin when you have this app. It is an excellent mobilization platform. We have seen revolutions organized on twitter. Fundraisings have also been done on the same platform. Topping trends on this platform for those who are pushing a particular tag is not a simple task. There are several things you should do to top Twitter trends. They include:

Use Influencers

It is one of the best strategies to get your hashtag trending top on Twitter.twitter app Influencer accounts are recognized and can make a particular tag trend with just a few tweets. They can also get many people to use the same word or hashtag, which is vital in getting you top of the trends. Look for the best influencers in your region.


You should remain consistent if you want your tag to trend top on Twitter. Publish more tweets with the same hashtag. This is one thing that is usually prioritized by Twitter algorithms to ensure your tag appears top of their trends.

Proper Timing

The other ideal strategy is to start pushing your trend at the right time of the day. You can start this during the morning hours or during the daytime. If you are promoting something you want to make aware to the public, then it is important to wait when everyone is online. These strategies will help you trend top on Twitter.…