Google Ads has been with us for many years. One of the main reasons this marketing tool remains relevant today is because of Google’s efforts to improve its features continually. In recent years, the use of machine learning has transformed the way marketers use Google Ads. While Google creates most of the automation features, there also other third-party applications that can be employed in any marketing campaign. That said, here are some benefits offered by third party Ads automation tools.

They Offer Comprehensive Data Analysis

Google relies on PPC data in their locker to automate marketing campaigners. However, some consumer insights are far beyond what Google can capture. At a point when marketers have to deal with vast volumes of data when making business decisions, you cannot afford to work with a tool that does not capture essential data. Working with third-party applications goes a long way in helping you make informed marketing decisions, thanks to unified data analysis.

Allow You to Customize Automated Bids

The fact that Google caters to almost every aspect of automated bidding means that marketers do not have to look for other options. Third-party automation solutions, on the other hand, tend to offer a lot more as far as the ability to align your ads to your complex business goals. For instance, third party automation software might allow you to pick the data that you want to be used by bidding algorithms and any possible adjustments.

Real-Time Adjustment

One of the most important aspects of Google Ads marketing is the ability to target micro-moments. To deliver the right message, you should always be able to act in the data quickly to seize the moment. As such, you should not waste time on automation tools that take days to incorporate new data. Otherwise, you risk falling behind. With third party automation technologies, you can make instant adjustments to your AdWords campaign. Making quick decisions will also help you avoid wasted ad spending.

Google Ads automation offers a wide range of automation capabilities that every marketer would embrace. As much as they provide useful data insights, Google is often found lacking in some respects. You also need to use an automation technology that has all it takes to realize a nuanced campaign. In some cases, it might be nice if you worked with both Google and third-party automation tools.