Rundll32.exe is part of Windows processes. This program tends to exists to help in running programs that are held in DLL files. The DLL file is a Dynamic Link Library which is a set of routine that is commonly used by various programs in Windows. Here is a detailed guide that talks about what is rundll32.exe? In order to directly run these routines, rundll32.exe program will run the DLL program files.

However, the downside of rundll32 is that it runs some processes that contain malware. You can review all processes being run by this particular program. Here is what to do;

Starting Command Prompt

It would be best if you first started a command prompt by going to the menu in a start button and then choose all programs. Once that is done, you will go to accessories and then command prompt.


Once at the command prompt, you will key-in these commands;

tasklist /m/fi “imagename eq rundll32.exe”

Once you have typed the commands, you should double-check for any typos.

Click enter key

You will then text spurts on your command prompt window. Afterwards, you will receive key details showing all the services being run by the run32.exe. The displayed information will only tell you nerdy stuff about the rundll32.exe program and what it has been up to. It is highly recommended that you understand what type of malicious program you are looking for so that you can easily confirm if your rundll32.exe is secretly running it.

rundll32 errorYou should note that rundll32.exe program is just but a messenger. Despite the fact that the program can be misused to secretly unwanted software or frequently seeing rundll32.exe error message, usually, the program itself is often not the problem. However, it is possibly one of your DLL files being run by the rundll32.exe that causes strife. As a Windows 7 user, you should not be surprised not finding any task being run by rundll32.exe. This is because it is an old technology meaning that you will be running older games or apps in order to see an active task of rundll32.exe.

In addition to that, the original program that was used to rub DLL files was known as rundll.exe. This filename was used in Windows 95, 98 as well as the Me editions. The Windows XP on the other has featured a 32-bit operating system which meant that the filename had to be changed from rundll.exe to rundll32.exe.…