pianist at workA foldable piano, also commonly referred to as a roll-up piano, is one that allows you to roll up or fold the keyboard. It offers numerous benefits, with the main ones being high portability and reduced storage space. Choosing the right foldable piano to buy may be a bit confusing because of the many options available. Consider the factors highlighted below to ensure that you make the right choice.

Number of Keys

Ideally, a full-sized piano should have 88 keys on the keyboard. Such will give you the most accurate and ultimate piano experience. Most of the foldable pianos, however, come with a fewer number of keys. The ones with 76 keys, for example, span six octaves and three notes, which will still give you a grand piano experience. You should choose based on your skills and type of music that you intend to compose on the piano. Keep in mind that the number of keys will also determine the size of the foldable piano.


Also, consider getting a foldable piano that has multiple interface functions. For example, one that allows you to connect to a computer for purposes of editing will be a great choice if you have the editing skills or you want to learn them. Some roll-up pianos can even function as power banks, which can come in quite handy during an emergency. The more external devices you can connect the piano to, the more convenient it will be for you.


Price is always a top consideration whenever you are making any purchase. Make sure you choose one that offers you the highest value for your money regardless of your budget limitations. For that, you have to consider the quality of the piano above every other factor. The higher the quality, the better the piano experience you will get, and the more durable the roll-up piano will be. Remember to check the warranty as well and choose one that offers the best warranty terms.

General Features

For starters, check the size of the battery that powers the roll-up piano. A battery with high ratings means that you will be able to use the piano for longer before you need to recharge it. You can also check the ratings of the speakers as they determine the quality of sound that you will get whenever you do not connect to external speakers. For the overall design and aesthetics, you can choose based on your preferences.