Compared to its older competitor, SLA battery, lithium battery seems like one big game changer for all the technology users. It was not until 2016 that many people were stunned by its existence and start using the 12 volt lithium battery on a massive scale.

However, even before the people began to notice this newly-developed technology, lithium battery had already carried all its features that could be summed up in two words, efficiency and efficacy. Apart from those, there are indeed several good reasons to start using a lithium battery instead of its older competitor.

Space Saving

Let us start with the outer part of the battery before getting into its core technology. Lithium battery is remarkable for space-saving. It covers only one-third of the weight and half of the volume compared to the conventional Lead-Acid battery. This feature enables high portability and mobility especially when it is attached to portable devices. With this rather smaller appearance, however, lithium battery also assures its power density to be in the same level as another conventional form of the cell.

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Battery Management System

Battery management system is another feature and reason to start using a lithium battery. While another kind of battery usage has its problems with endurance, lithium battery guarantees its resilience even in the most extreme atmosphere such as temperature or non-stop use.

In short, a lithium battery is one form of the long-lasting battery which is designed with stronger material for long-term use. An entirely different thing happens to the Lead-Acid battery when it is exposed to long-term and non-stop use. The more Lead-Acid battery is used, the shorter and weaker the power it holds becomes.

Economical Choice

It is true that the newly-developed battery may cost higher than the conventional ones. However, with the Battery Management System that results in the long-lasting use of the cell, lithium battery cost makes up for the value that has to be spent switching and replacing Lead-Acid battery every time it gets worn out. Initial higher price invests on the rest of the use. Therefore, its endurance leads to a much lower overall cost of the lithium battery.

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Easy Maintenance

Another feature that lithium battery is known for is its easy maintenance. Almost nothing that has to be done to check the internal battery system continuously. What is the secret behind this feature? It is all because this kind of battery is specially manufactured to automatically screen and scan its system to maintain the battery’s capability.…